Laboratory of Chemical
Synthesis Methodology
The Kalek Research Group



Sudeep Sarkar, 2023
"Novel synthetic reactions employing hypervalent iodine compounds: oxidations and arylations" [PDF]

Adam A. Rajkiewicz, 2020
"Novel synthetic methods based on hypervalent iodine compounds as functional groups donors: N-heterocyclic carbene catalysis and beyond" [PDF]


Kacper Szczepański, 2023
"Synthesis of triaryl phosphines and phosphine oxides by metal-free P-arylation with diaryliodonium salts" [PDF]

Ireneusz Tomczyk, 2023
"Oxidative dearomatizing methoxylation of phenols under galvanostatic conditions" [PDF]

Natalia Wojciechowska, 2021
"Synthesis of aryl sulfides by arylation of sulfur nucleophiles with diaryliodonium salts" [PDF]


Ireneusz Tomczyk, 2021
"Synthesis of fluorescent probe for studies of NFκB pathway" [PDF]

Natalia Wojciechowska, 2019
"Synthesis of alkynyl(aryl)iodonium salts" [PDF]

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